Saturday, December 25, 2010

Miracles: Do You Believe?

Rebecca HagelinBy Rebecca Hagelin

In honor of Christmas, I have set aside my normal format for this column in order to ask you a question: Do you believe in miracles?

Marie Fiala certainly does. Her family experienced God's power at one of the darkest moments of their lives.

Marie, an attorney, and her husband Kris, a business executive, had created a peaceful, happy family life with their two sons and daughter.

But everything normal in their lives -- going out for ice cream, the mad scramble in the morning to leave for school -- -came to a shattering stop the day their 13 year-old-son Jeremy collapsed on the kitchen floor, the blood vessels in his brain inexplicably hemorrhaging.

Comatose at first, then paralyzed and barely responsive, Jeremy lay at the mercy of his bleeding brain for weeks. There was little the doctors could do. In the weeks that followed, email chains updated family, friends, co-workers, unknown friends of friends -- countless people -- about Jeremy's dire situation and the family's struggle.

As Jeremy lay teetering between life and death, a family member organized an international prayer vigil asking for healing. It was a simple request, sent far and wide over the Internet: light a candle and spend one hour at 8 o'clock on a Sunday night, united with thousands of others praying together for Jeremy's recovery. So thousands did.

That night, as the vigil concluded, Marie received message after message from people profoundly touched by faith as they prayed together for Jeremy. His family felt God's presence that night and Jeremy knew the blessing of a peaceful sleep. But it was nothing dramatic -- until 24 hours later.

Surrounded by a roomful of doctors doing their usual pricks and prods, Jeremy spoke out loud. And kept speaking. The jubilant doctors were astounded. Marie, who was taking a rare break at home that night while Kris stayed with Jeremy, got an unexpected, miraculous phone call. "Hi Mom, This is Jeremy. I am sorry to wake you up. I love you."

It was the first of many miracles for Jeremy. Marie shares their story -- including her own doubts and heart-wrenching tests of faith -- in her eloquent, uplifting book, Letters From a Distant Shore. (It would make an excellent Christmas or New Year gift for those who need to be reminded that God is still in the miracle business.)

While the Christmas season seems to flush cynics and skeptics out of their dark corners, deriding believers for their "imaginary friends" and wishful thinking, God is still reaching out to all of us, waiting for us to call on Him to perform the greatest miracle of all -- transform our lives and hearts through the power of Christ.

God is real. God is powerful. And His love is strong enough to work miracles, in our hearts, bodies, workplaces, and in our culture. All we have to do is ask, with faith the size of the smallest mustard seed, hardly bigger than the period at the end of this sentence.

Roughly 80% of Americans say they believe in miracles. Do you? Do you ever ask God to work in your life?

Putting your faith on public display, open to ridicule or scorn, is always an intimidating prospect. In the days leading up to the prayer vigil, as Marie requested prayers from everyone, including sophisticated co-workers and unbelieving friends, she worried about how the request would be perceived. Would it seem desperate? Would they look like fools if Jeremy experienced no perceptible improvement?

But Marie knew that the lame can walk only when they are willing to take a step forward in faith. She was willing to trust God with the future, no matter in which direction He led.

As Christians the world over celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, we remember the power of a God who loved us enough to personally intervene in human history. Let us also claim the power of a God who loves us enough to intervene in our lives. Ask God for your Christmas miracle… and don't forget to open your heart to receive it.

Merry Christmas!

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Friday, December 24, 2010

Harry Potter Actress Beaten and Branded a Prostitute by Her Muslim Family ...

47372, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - Thursday November 11, 2010. Afshan Azad arrives on the red carpet at the World Premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 at Odeon Leicester Square in London. Photograph:
email from BIGPEACE

Harry Potter Actress Beaten and Branded a Prostitute by Her Family After Dating a Non-Muslim

By Robert J. Avrech

The only thing notable about this story is that it’s being reported.

And the only reason it’s being reported is because Ms. Azad is an actress in one of the most popular franchises in movie history.

The facts are simple as they are horrific. Afshan Azad has been secretly dating a non-Muslim. Her father and brother found out, branded her a “slag,” beat her, and threatened to murder her. She made her escape by climbing out of her bedroom window.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010 Exposes Obscene Smithsonian Exhibit

Terry Jeffrey discusses the Smithsonian's obscene "Hide-Seek" exhibit and the deceitful coverage that it received in the liberal media. Exposes Obscene Smithsonian Exhibit , posted with vodpod

Who's To Blame For The Fire?

"If only the Arabs had a sense of humor, there could be peace." Lagolop

Who's To Blame For The Fire?, posted with vodpod

Wednesday, December 08, 2010


Burt PrelutskyBy Burt Prelutsky

It’s easy to figure out why the various dictatorships in the Middle East have made a scapegoat of Israel. It allows the various imams and sheiks to keep their oppressed masses focused on a common enemy, lest they awaken and realize that it’s not the Jews who keep the men poor and powerless and keep the women ignorant and oppressed.

Trying to figure out why government leaders, universities and individuals, in so-called civilized nations choose to side with Arabs and Muslims, who not only out-number Israel’s Jewish population 300,000-1, but who represent the antithesis of everything Americans and Europeans allegedly hold dear is the real mystery.

A visitor from another planet would see on one side a people, Israelis, who are educated and accomplished, who believe in freedom of speech, religion and assembly, who defend a free press and who subscribe to the full equality of the sexes.

On the other side, he would see people who, in the 21st century, think, live and behave no differently than their ancestors did 1300 years ago. They stone to death adulterers, they behead their enemies, they perform female mutilations as part of their religion, they make martyrs of those who suicide-bomb school buses and pizza parlors, they rain missiles down on civilians and, proving that they nevertheless have a droll sense of humor, they refer to their religion as one of peace.

If you asked the alien which group a free and democratic people would favor, he would assume it was a trick question. When told that the majority of people in the western world favored the latter group, he would assume it was a trick answer.

His next order of business would be to get back to his space ship and get away from these lunatics as fast as he could.

The question as to why America’s leaders, academicians and young people, choose to hate Israelis, why they continue to believe the worst of them even when the photos and news stories purporting to show their villainy are proven to be clumsy attempts at propaganda, can only be explained by a deep-rooted anti-Semitism.

When Americans, who have experienced not only 9/11, but scores of other brutalities at the hands of Israel’s enemies over the past 30 years, continue siding with those same enemies, it’s impossible to explain except as rampant anti-Semitism.

When a nation that is rooted in Judeo-Christian values, whose Constitution and Declaration of Independence were based on those values, sides with those who despise liberty and freedom, the contradiction cannot be explained except as an anti-Semitism that is bred in the bone. And isn’t it odd that the very same people who go around insisting that “separation of church and state” actually exists in the Constitution have no problem at all defending Muslim theocracies?

No matter how many trains are blown up in Spain, no matter how many riots and murders are committed in France or England, Russia, Germany or Holland, the anti-Semites of Europe inevitably excuse the actual perpetrators, while holding the Jews accountable.

Perhaps if God made an appearance and announced: “When I made them my chosen people, I did not choose for them to be sacrificed to the barbarians,” the world would shape up.

Short of that, my money is on the barbarians.

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Our Live Webcast of Amnesty Votes Wed — Today’s Update

Email from Roy Beck, President, NumbersUSA

Come To Our Office Tomorrow (VIA LIVE WEBCAST)
And Join Us As We Watch, Comment
And Analyze the House & Senate Amnesty Votes


Action: Join our live webcast.

When the debates, arcane parliamentary maneuvers and voting start tomorrow, join our NumbersUSA staff in our conference room and watch with us.

The live streaming from our conference room will be on our home page:

We'll be doing what we always do when immigration comes to the floor for a vote -- anxiously gathering to watch how Congress responds to our days, weeks and months of mobilizing the grassroots. And discussing and arguing over what each detail means.

Nothing fancy or formal. Just turning the cameras on our staff session. But after having you in our conference room for 10 hours on Election Night, we thought you might like to join us again for this occasion.

We'll send you an email perhaps an hour before we go live. It is possible that we won't know when the debate will start until just a half-hour before.

It sounds like the House debate could start no earlier than 1 p.m. Wednesday. And then we'll turn the cameras on again when the Senate starts its debate. That is now scheduled for after 3:30 p.m. At the moment, 10 years of efforts to pass an amnesty could be resolved in just a few hours tomorrow afternoon.

Action: PHONE.

Keep phoning the target congressional office Wednesday until the votes are taken.

You have the email with the list of targets for your own particular region of the country that I sent earlier today. Keep working on that list.

You know that we never advocate letting up the pressure in any way until we have won. But our reports from the Hill suggest that your torrent of faxes and phone calls helped create great turmoil today among those trying to pass the DREAM Act amnesty.

House amnesty leaders are desperately seeking some kind of Hail Mary pass to pull out a last-minute victory.

They apparently still can't persuade 218 Representatives to vote YES on the DREAM amnesty, so they are talking about combining it with the AgJobs amnesty for a few million illegal aliens who can claim some past agricultural work. Their thought is that they can attract some extra Republicans who won't be willing to vote against something that big agri-business wants.

Of course, their plan would also create an amnesty that is twice the size to attract politicians who are squeamish about DREAM being too big.

Your phone calls Wednesday need to keep everybody in Congress as squeamish as possible.

Action: FAX.

Be sure you have sent all the faxes posted on your customized Action Board:

I apologize for how sluggish our website was today for many of you. We are going to have to expand our capacities, but what a great problem to have so many Americans trying to take action against a bill that would be sure to enlarge by millions the number of future illegal aliens and of additional workers competing against unemployed Americans within what everybody agrees will be a job shortage for many years to come.

Take a look at my new blog for extra ammunition in your faxes and phone calls.



Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Pearl Harbor

USS Arizona burning in Pearl Harbor

"December 7, 1941 -- a date which will live in infamy -- the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan. ... Always will we remember the character of the onslaught against us. No matter how long it may take us to overcome this premeditated invasion, the American people in their righteous might, will win through to absolute victory. ... With confidence in our armed forces -- with the unbounded determination of our people -- we will gain the inevitable triumph -- so help us God." --Franklin D. Roosevelt, a Democrat far removed from today's crop of defeatists

On that fateful "Day of Infamy," 353 Japanese planes attacked a military target at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, killing 2,390 American servicemen and civilians and wounding 1,282. The attack sank or damaged eight battleships, three cruisers, three destroyers and one minelayer and destroyed 188 aircraft. It took four years and the full military-industrial capability of the United States to defeat Japan.

It is with honor and respect for those who died or suffered terrible injuries that Sunday morning that we should never again fall into the slumber that allowed such a tragedy as Pearl Harbor -- or the attack on Sept. 11, 2001 -- again.


(Please pray for our Armed Forces standing in harm's way around the world, and for their families -- especially families of those fallen Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and Coast Guardsmen, who granted their lives in defense of American liberty.)

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