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NewsBusted - 10- 243 - Video

Starring: Jodi Miller
Director: Bruce Roundtower
Executive Producer: Matthew Sheffield

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BREAKING NEWS: Two Men on United Flight from Chicago Arrested on 'Preparation of a Terrorist Attack'

Two men taken off a Chicago-to-Amsterdam United Airlines flight in the Netherlands have been charged by Dutch police with "preparation of a terrorist attack," U.S. law enforcement officials tell ABC News. U.S. officials said the two appeared to be travelling with what were termed "mock bombs" in their luggage. "This was almost certainly a dry run, a test," said one senior law enforcement official.The two were allowed to board the flight at O'Hare airport last night despite security concerns surrounding one of them, the officials said.
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Video posted by PROTECTOR1973REBORN
Two men on a flight from Chicago to Amsterdam have been arrested on suspicion of planning a terrorist attack.
US officials asked Dutch police to detain Ahmed Mohamed Nasser al Soofi and Hezam al Murisi at Schiphol airport after they became concerned about "mock bombs" in their luggage.

The incident has been described as a "dry run" for a possible terror strike and has drawn comparisons to the Christmas Day bomb plot last year.

Then, Umar Farouk Abdulmuttallab was charged with trying to blow up a flight from Amsterdam to Detroit using explosives concealed in his underwear.

Police are now assessing if the men involved in this incident were "testing the system" as part of a terrorist training exercise.

The pair, both from Detroit, were allowed to board United Airlines flight 908 from Chicago to the Netherlands despite security concerns.

These began in Birmingham, Alabama, where Soofi appears to have started his journey.

Airport security staff stopped him because of his "bulky clothing" and found he was carrying $7,000 (£4,500) in cash, ABC News said.

They opened his luggage, and found a mobile phone taped to a Pepto-Bismol medicine bottle, three mobiles taped together, and several watches taped together.

There have been reports that several knives were also found but the FBI insists the men were not carrying anything illegal.

A senior law enforcement official later described the items as "mock bombs".

He told ABC: "This was almost certainly a dry run, a test."

But because no explosives were discovered, Soofi was cleared for the flight to Chicago's O'Hare International Airport.

There, he appears to have checked in his luggage on a plane to Yemen - which was due to stop at Washington's Dulles airport and then Dubai - but did not board the flight.

Instead, he joined Murisi on a jet to Amsterdam, it is claimed.

The flight carrying Soofi's luggage arrived in Washington and was about to depart for Dubai when officials found the suspect was not on board.

The luggage was removed from the plane and additional searches found no evidence of explosives.

Sky's Greg Milam said Soofi and Murisi were not on a no-fly list or any terror watch list.

But he said the incident will raise concerns among US security officials because Soofi was allowed to check in his luggage on a flight without actually getting on the plane.

A spokesman for the US Department for Homeland Security told Sky News: "Suspicious items were located in checked luggage associated with two passengers on United Flight 908 from Chicago O'Hare to Amsterdam.

"The items were not deemed to be dangerous in and of themselves, and as we share information with our international partners, Dutch authorities were notified of the suspicious items.

"This matter continues to be under investigation

Conservatives, Unlike Liberals, Keep Mall Clean After Rally - Videos 2

Compare and contrast. The National Mall after Barack Obama's inauguration:

The National Mall after Saturday's "Restoring Honor" Rally hosted by conservative TV pundit Glenn Beck:

Aren't liberals supposed to be the ones saving the environment?

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Changing Sides?

Arabs and Israelis standing together against a common threat?!!
Is it a possibility?

* * *
Recent events are moving quickly. Here's a current assessment from the Asia Times Online:

    The great chess game of the Middle East
    Aug 28, 2010

    it is hard to avoid the fact that despite all threats on the Jewish state, Israel profits to a certain extent from Iran's belligerent posture.

    . . . "The countries of the Arabian Peninsula are infinitely more interested in the threat from Iran than in the existence of Israel and, indeed, see Israel as one of the buttresses against Iran."

    For the first time since its creation, Israel finds itself in the same camp as many Arab states, and for better or for worse, having a common enemy is perhaps the best way to make friends in the Middle East.-more

And a "hot off the press" news item just reported by the Palestinian Maan News Agency.

    Egypt: 3rd weapons cache found in 48 hours
    Aug 29, 2010
    Al-Arish– Ma'an
    – Egyptian State Security discovered a third weapons storehouse within 48 hours on Tuesday, security sources said.

    Egyptian forces were informed that smugglers were attempting to transfer explosives and weapons to a storehouse in the Sinai peninsula, sources told Ma'an.

    Forces raided the area south of the Al-Arish port city and discovered 65 anti-aircraft missiles, 35 anti-tank missiles, as well as large quantities or ammunition, the sources added.

    Egyptian security forces said they discovered weapons and explosives on Monday, hidden in the border city of Rafah, prepared for smuggling into Gaza through tunnels.

    Security sources told Ma'an that Egyptian forces raided a cemetery in Rafah, 3 kilometers from the Gaza border, and found a weapons cache including anti-tank land mines.

    A second weapons store was found in the Al-Ahrash border area, which included machine guns and ammunition, also prepared for smuggling into Gaza, sources said. -more

Your thoughts?

Rangel: Vote For Me To Keep Civil RIghts Alive

HARLEM, NY (SR) - Rep. Charles Rangel described himself Sunday as a "foot solder" in African-Americans' struggle for equality, and urged his supporters to vote for him to keep the fight alive.

"All of you remember that this fight is never, never going to end at least as long as there are ethically-challenged black politicians like myself trying to get elected. I'm just one of the foot soldiers; just one of those [who] fought to enrich myself upon your backs in the march so that one day our kids [will] be able to say, 'Do you remember when there was bigotry and prejudice in this country from someone other than a black Democrat politician? Do you remember when there wasn't bloviating, race-baiting hucksters getting fat at the public teat by manipulating illiterate welfare junkies fairness?"

While a House panel has charged Rangel with 13 ethics violations, as well as 934 violations related to the abuse of hair straightening products, the American public has already found the disgraced politician guilty of being a slimy greaseball in the third degree, according to latest polls.

My comments: Well, there goes the civil rights movement and Black equality. Damn Whitey!

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More News Less Facts

Crimes and Misdemeanors

Burt Prelutsky

By Burt Prelutsky

As I sit here, I have no idea how things will play out for Charles Rangel and Maxine Waters, although I find it highly unlikely that either of them will end up in a congressional trial, no matter how much the defendants claim they wish to have the air cleared. When Nancy Pelosi insisted that under the Democrats, the swamp that is Capitol Hill would be drained, she should have kept in mind that after such a draining it’s not treasure chests and fields of four-leaf clovers that are uncovered, but creepy, crawly things.

Although I have no use for either of the two Democrats being investigated, I have a special loathing for Rep. Waters. For one thing, even after a story in the San Jose Mercury was shown to be a hoax, she persisted in claiming it was the C.I.A. that had introduced crack cocaine into black communities. She also championed the teaching of Ebonics in California schools. So it figured that as soon as the Congressional Ethics Committee targeted her, she would insist it was all the fault of political racists, even though half the members of the committee are liberals. On the other hand, back in the 90s, when it was Newt Gingrich who was charged with ethics violations, Rep. Waters couldn’t contain her glee, as she happily announced, “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.” And vice versa, Rep. Waters.

Still, I find it odd that neither she nor Mr. Rangel, nor the mainstream media for that matter, see anything even slightly racist about belonging to the Black Congressional Caucus, a group that denied membership to Rep. Stephen Cohen, a Democrat from Tennessee, simply because he’s white even though his district is 60% black!

For my part, I can’t figure out how the Ethics Committee determines whom to target. The way I see it, they could probably go after every single member of the House, including themselves, with the expectation of striking gold. Or perhaps I should say striking dirt. I’m reminded of the NCAA. Every once in a while, they decide to penalize a college for infractions involving bribes and other perks bestowed by over-zealous alumni associations on student athletes. The truth is, no matter how good the football or basketball player is, he is going to join the professional ranks in a few years. Thus, the only way to ensure that a college team is going to remain a national power year after year, decade after decade, is to entice the best high school players in the country. Although the colleges aren’t above using attractive, obliging coeds as lures, nothing beats cash on the barrelhead. Back when I was a kid, I would hear the wise guys say that one All American jock after another had to take a cut in pay when he left college and turned pro. Such, alas, is not the case when it comes to professional politicians.

Something I’ve never understood is how permissive America is when it comes to acts of treason. For the life of me, I don’t understand why PFC Bradley Manning and Wikileaks chief honcho, Julian Assange, aren’t on trial for their lives. However these two punks feel about the war in Afghanistan, there can be no justification for letting the Taliban know which Afghan citizens have cooperated with the U.S. military. What makes their activities all the more reprehensible is that they believe they command the moral high ground. It is a delusion shared by those who oppose all wars, those who oppose capital punishment and, of course, by Jane Fonda.

Whenever I see career politicians, I feel my gorge rising. The fact that these sloths, whose main activity is deciding how to waste other people’s money, insist on calling themselves public servants and get to hold fund-raising testimonials on their own behalf is all the more galling. I have been to a few of those events and it’s a good thing that the food is so unappetizing because, otherwise, it would be impossible to keep one’s dinner down. Even if you skip the over-cooked chicken, you’d have to have a cast-iron constitution to stomach the blatant hypocrisy as you listen to cronies and flunkies enumerate the politician’s alleged virtues in a way denied everyone who hasn’t first had the decency to die.

Here in California, we have more rotten politicians per capita than any other state in the nation. One of the worst has been Jerry Brown. He is presently running for governor, a job he has held in the distant past. This creep has been recycled more often than a plastic bottle. Even though he’s 72 years old, he has never held an actual job in his entire life. He began his current campaign by announcing that his opponent, Meg Whitman, had a great deal in common with Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels. His reason was that she had a lot of her own money to spend on her campaign. It seems to me that’s like comparing Charlie Chaplin’s Little Tramp persona to Adolf Hitler because they both had tiny moustaches. But that’s par for the liberal course.

Jerry Brown also had the nerve to claim that Ms. Whitman was going to use the governorship as a steppingstone to the presidency. That’s not a crime where I come from. But in any case, it’s an odd insult coming from the man who used his own governorship to run for president in ’76, ’80 and ’92.

The fact remains that over the past 50 years, Brown has run for president, senator, governor, chairman of the California Democratic Party, state attorney general, California secretary of state, L.A. Community College District Board of Trustees and mayor of Oakland. The truly weird thing is that, more often than not, he’s won those races, even though in a personality contest with a clam, a cobblestone and a tin can, Brown would come in a distant fourth.

The fact remains that the man who was dubbed “Governor Moonbeam” by the late Chicago columnist, Mike Royko, has spent his entire adult life running for everything but the bus.

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Glenn Beck's 'Restoring Honor' Rally pt.3 (Sarah Palin)

Glenn Beck's 'Restoring Honor' Rally pt.3 (Sarah Palin)
--- See the rest of this series at PA Pundits – International
-- http://papundits.wordpress.com/

Glenn Beck's 'Restoring Honor' Rally pt.3 (Sara..., posted with vodpod

Glenn Beck's 'Restoring Honor' Rally pt.2 - Video

Glenn Beck's 'Restoring Honor' Rally pt.2 - Video

Glenn Beck's 'Restoring Honor' Rally pt.2 - Video, posted with vodpod

Glenn Beck's 'Restoring Honor' Rally pt.1 - Video

Glenn Beck's 'Restoring Honor' Rally pt.1

Glenn Beck's 'Restoring Honor' Rally pt.1 - Video, posted with vodpod

Glenn Beck at Restoring Honor Rally

Video by maroonedinmarin
Recorded on August 28, 2010 using a Flip Video camcorder.

Glenn Beck at Restoring Honor Rally , posted with vodpod

NewsBusted 10-239

Topics in today's show:

-- Jobless claims rise to 500,000
-- WaPo's Robinson: Obama's on a winning streak
-- Debt: $44k/person
-- NYT's Cooper admits to drinking on the job
-- Wyclef Jean disqualified for Haiti president
-- UK doctor calls for cocaine legalization
-- Facebook, the movie
-- Justin Bieber tweets digits of an obsessive fan

Starring: Jodi Miller
Director: Bruce Roundtower
Executive Producer: Matthew Sheffield

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Calls to Blacklist Ernest Borgnine Over Political Views - Mark Levin

Mark Levin features John Nolte's article at Big Hollywood discussing recent calls to keep Ernest Borgnine from winning a SAG Award because of comments he made about the film "Broke Back Mountain".
Posted by breitbarttv

Calls to Blacklist Ernest Borgnine Over Politic..., posted with vodpod

The Iranian Bomb - The Full Latma's Tribal Update

Iranian minister of destruction sings about the bomb in the tribal update.

By LatmaTV

The Iranian Bomb - The Full Latma's Tribal Update, posted with vodpod

Tell Senator Murkowski to Stop Supporting the Police-Firefighter Monopoly Bargaining Bill

Video Posted by Right2WorkCommittee

Tell Senator Murkowski to Stop Supporting the P..., posted with vodpod

NewsBusted 10-236

Topics in today's show:

-- Obama approval hits another low
-- Pelosi wants to investigate Ground Zero mosque opponents
-- Time poll: 1/4 of Americans think Obama's a Muslim
-- ...Not NewsBusted, though!
-- Obama takes his 6th vacation in Martha's Vineyard
-- Iran goes nuclear
-- Mel Gibson crashes his car in Malibu

Starring: Jodi Miller
Director: Bruce Roundtower
Executive Producer: Matthew Sheffield

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fake-Profile Bill Could Squelch Parodists

By Wendy Davis

In what appears to be an effort to tackle online harassment, the California legislature has passed a bill that makes it illegal to impersonate someone else on the Web. The problem is, the measure also could ensnare people who create parodies or otherwise mock corporations online.Specifically, the statute, now awaiting signature by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, outlaws the use of the Web or other electronic means to impersonate an "actual person," if the purpose is to harm, intimidate, threaten or defraud another. People who violate the statute can face up to one year in jail as well as liability in civil lawsuits.

The law would obviously apply when people create fake profiles to intentionally hurt private individuals -- as happened when the ex-boyfriend of Cecelia Barnes posted a phony dating profile of her on Yahoo, complete with her phone number, address and nude photos. (Notably, however, the measure wouldn't apply when people create fake fictional profiles as happened in the Megan Meier tragedy. In that case, 13-year-old Megan killed herself after receiving a hurtful message from other teens who had created a phony profile of a boy, "Josh," who didn't actually exist.)

But the bill also appears to apply to people who create online parodies of large corporations -- as occurred recently when the Yes Men created a fake U.S. Chamber of Commerce Web site.

Even though the language of the law refers to an "actual person," in California a corporation can be considered a person, says Corynne McSherry, a lawyer with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which opposes the bill.

And, while criminal prosecutors aren't likely to rush into court against online parodists, individuals who are the target of such sites might be all too happy to have additional leverage against the creators. "People who are made fun of often don't have a sense of humor about it, and are all too willing to take advantage of any recourse they have," McSherry says.

Of course, even if the law is signed, the First Amendment still would protect parodists and others who create fake sites to criticize companies. Still, few people want to be dragged into a time-consuming -- and potentially expensive -- courtroom battle about whether their Web posts are lawful.

Read more insightful commentary from the Daily Online Examiner

Rush: Obama Is Willing To Blow Up The Democrat Party

Posted by DailyRushbo

Rush: Obama Is Willing To Blow Up The Democrat ..., posted with vodpod

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rush Limbaugh Morning Update

Posted by DailyRushbo

Rush Limbaugh Morning Update, posted with vodpod


The board members of Keep America Safe, Liz Cheney, Bill Kristol and Debra Burlingame announce the release of "We Remember," an ad featuring first responders and family members of the victims of the terrorist attacks of 9/11 who are speaking out in opposition to the proposed Ground Zero Mosque. We believe their voices should be heard throughout our country and we encourage you to pass their message along.

For more, visit www.KeepAmericaSafe.com

Also posting FSM (Family Security Matters)

KeepAmericaSafe.com: WE REMEMBER, posted with vodpod

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When You're Holding a Hammer Everything Looks Like a Nail!

The political song that lampoons the progressive agenda of the Obama/Pelosi/Reid administration, and encourages us to set things straight in November! ----

Bryan Glover was fired from his Coaching job over this song. An interview with both Kyle Hill and Bryan is in the making.

When You're Holding a Hammer Everything Looks L..., posted with vodpod

Depressed Over Left-Dominated Politics? Let Dr. Bob Cheer You Up!

By Robert Weissberg

By nature I’m disinclined to offer psychological counseling but times do change, so let me offer some guidance to those depressed by today’s politics. Here’s the story. I regularly encounter dozens of clear-thinking, conservatively minded folk who are convinced that the sky is falling--Obama is about to impose Socialism, entitlement-driven national bankruptcy is months away, radical Muslims are about to conquer Europe and on and on. And I assume that for each face-to-face encounter, thousands more share these disheartening views. Make no mistake, this alarm is reasonable, horrific events are genuine and we certainly should fight back, but an objective assessment suggests that today’s often Left-dominated politics is not as catastrophic as believed.
Here’s why: malaise sufferers grossly exaggerate the Left’s impact on our personal lives. The Left’s manic politicking, even their occasional media-heralded victories, is not the end of our worlds. Good, right-thinking people have Houdini-like skills in avoiding the consequences of Lefty machinations, but unfortunately for our mental health we under-estimate our triumphs. Indeed, our often silent victories only drive our enemies to greater and usually futile activism which in turn, often brings even greater doom and gloom.
The road to recovery begins by recognizing differences in the personal importance of politics. For those on the Left plus radical Muslims, politics is paramount, the first go-to option; by contrast, for conservatives politicking is almost always subordinated to more personal concerns—family, earning a living ,church, hobbies, volunteering in a charity, socializing with friends, and otherwise avoiding the turmoil of civic engagement. This pattern is definitional since embracing state-centered solutions makes one a Leftie while Righties favor personal responsibility.  
Consider how this plays out in education. How can a parent react when junior is being fed nonsense at the local public school? Conservatives might relocate to a community with better schools, hire a tutor, check out an after-school “cram academy,” investigate possible web-based instruction, browbeat junior, offer lessons over the dinner table, try home schooling, visit the school’s principal and complain or just instruct one’s offspring on how to make the best of a bad situation. Those on the Left, by contrast, apply political pressure: hold boisterous rallies, file lawsuits, vote for candidates who promise bigger education budgets, keep junior home to protest dismal test scores and otherwise demand that government rescue them. And if these tactics fail, just keep repeating as if more noise will suffice. The different menus reflect ingrained ideological habits, not careful cost/benefit assessments of alternatives. Mothers picketing the school to protest “unfair” discipline might be better off personally making sure junior obeys the rules but marching just seems more “natural.” 
Illustrations abound. In health care conservatives endorse healthier habits and regular check-ups; Lefties demand “free” government health care as if “free” would promote better eating habits. If crime soars, conservatives flee to gated communities or buy guns; Lefties demand government eliminate crime by ameliorating root causes; for conservatives reducing foreign oil consumption means buying a fuel efficient but technologically pedestrian $17,00 Chevy Cruz while Lefties demand billions in government subsidies for a $41,000 Chevy Volts, an identical car except for engines though the Cruz is a bit roomier. Conservatives outraged over sky-rocketing taxes adjust their portfolios to tax free bonds, shift funds to overseas tax havens or otherwise take very private steps to minimize the newly inflicted tax bite. Personalized involvement even applies in foreign affairs via church volunteer missions (critical in many developing nations) or investing in stock funds targeting specific countries or regions e.g., for Africa, see here.  
Clearly, the singular element that separates these two ideological tendencies is their public quality. Lefties love the public arena, making a ruckus, marching and issuing demands, creating committees to save gay whales, decorating cars with bumper stickers and otherwise gratifying their exhibitionist urge. Needless to say, the mass media quickly gobbles this up. Great for action-addicted viewers. No New York City TV station will ignore the Rev. Al Sharpton parading noisy school children holding hand-written signs demanding that Mayor Bloomberg make them educated? Who wants to “waste” a mobile TV crew in some obscure Queens, NY neighborhood where young Koreans quietly sit in a storefront cram academy to boost SAT scores?     
This is not to say that conservatives are political shut-ins. They do have their public side as the Tea Party illustrates but this is hardly their normal modus operandi. One might even argue that the very idea of conservatives making a public commotion is attention-getting since it is out-of-character. Savvy conservatives also know that the public quickly tires of strident demonstrations so effectiveness requires judicious use. Accomplishment outshines yet one more opportunity to get one’s picture on the 6:00PM News.
Back to the therapy. It is not easy maintaining one’s sunny disposition when confronted with “the other side” seemingly monopolizing publicity while “our side” is neglected. We also have a masochistic appetite for sky-is-falling bad news via the web. This imbalance certainly has all the outward signs of imminent defeat. And it only makes matters worse when I explain that “our side” often steadfastly avoids publicity or at least speaking frankly. Who wants to admit to using off-shore banking or running an all-cash business to avoid Obama’s massive tax increases? In fact, many of the private tactics favored by conservatives are judged “bad” by the Left-leaning mass media. What parent, white or black, will confess to white flight when schools become dominated by anti-intellectual lower-class blacks? In other words, we seem apathetic while the other side in on a rampage.  
So here’s my therapeutic advice. Don’t calibrate political battles by who receives the most publicity. The correct measure is accomplishment, not publicity, and here the outcomes are more upbeat. Let the Lefties hold their parades to demand that Washington make them healthy, wealthy and wise. My bet is that twenty years from now most of these demonstrators, despite subsidized medical treatment, will still be as sickly as before while their children are still waiting for Washington bureaucrats to put knowledge into their under-utilized brains. Meanwhile, those depressed over this activism will be healthy, wealthy and wise thanks to personal ingenuity. Not perfect but hardly a disaster.
Let Dr. Bob conclude with some sound political advice. I am not suggesting that we abandon politics to the Left or lapse into dangerous denial. Oscar Wilde once said that socialism will never work since it took too many evenings and he was right. We cannot match the Left’s time-consuming political obsessions so we must choose our public battles carefully, especially when we move beyond voting and electioneering. Now for the Great Wisdom: decentralization is the fact of political life permitting us to thrive despite the Left’s statist mania. Sustaining political firewalls is critical though day-to-day issue-based politics often pushes this aside. One more time: differences in governance between North Dakota and California, Newark, NJ versus Minneapolis, MN is what permits conservatives to thrive while avoiding time-consuming, often futile Lefty style politics. Remember, it is not easy to escape horrific education if Washington totally dictates education policy. Ditto for escaping confiscatory taxes—we need places to hide.
In sum, the transitory issues of the day are important but we should not neglect the value of localism. It is our ability to escape Washington’s power, not out-mobilize the Lefties that permits our survival.   
FamilySecurityMatters.org Contributing Editor Robert Weissberg is emeritus professor of political science, University of Illinois-Urbana and currently an adjunct instructor at New York University Department of Politics (graduate). He has written many books, the most recent being “Bad Students, Not Bad Schools: How both the Right and the Left have American education wrong.” Besides writing for professional journals, he has also written for magazines like the Weekly Standard and currently contributes to various blogs.

Updates on Integrity Questionnaire, Investigations

DR News:  By Tim Potts

Integrity Questionnaire Update

We have received a lot of email about this year’s Integrity Questionnaire and the lack of response by Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Corbett. All we can tell you is that the Corbett campaign continues to say they will respond.

Democracy Rising PA and Rock the Capital sent the questionnaire on July 6 and asked for responses by August 1. Democratic gubernatorial candidate Dan Onorato responded on August 2. Click here  to read the questionnaire and Onorato’s responses.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to provide the perspectives of other candidates for governor from the Green Party, the Libertarian Party and the TEA Party. All three candidates withdrew when their petitions were challenged.

This raises the perennial issue of how hard it is for candidates other than Republicans and Democrats to get on the ballot. This year, candidates for the two major parties needed only 2,000 signatures on nominating petitions. Other candidates needed more than 16,000.

DR’s Tim Potts will participate in a news conference on Monday in the capitol along with many other groups who are seeking a level playing field for all who want to become candidates for public office.

Investigations Update

New kids on the docket.

Investigations continue to expand in potentially the most criminally prosecuted legislature in America today. This week, a sixth state lawmaker joined the ranks of those under investigation by federal, state or local authorities. The newest is Rep. William Keller, D-Philadelphia. Agents of the FBI and IRS executed search warrants against Keller and Philadelphia Traffic Court Judge Robert Mulgrew on Tuesday. Keller has not been charged with any crimes.

Here are a story by The Philadelphia Inquirer and an editorial by the Philadelphia Daily News:

Citizens get to see Orie prosecution records.

At least some of them. An Allegheny Common Pleas judge had sealed all of the motions and orders in the case. The Post-Gazette and WPXI-TV in Pittsburgh asked the state Supreme Court to overrule the local judge, and it did. Sen. Jane Orie, R-Allegheny, and her sister Janine Orie are charged with using tax-funded offices and staff for election campaigns, including last year’s election of a third sister, Justice Joan Orie Melvin, to the state Supreme Court.

However, it’s not clear which documents will be released or when. Here’s the story:

Mellow grand jury postponed.

A meeting of a federal grand jury was cancelled this week. The panel was to hear testimony from witnesses in an investigation of Sen. Robert Mellow, D-Lackawanna. No new date has been announced yet. Federal agents from the FBI and IRS executed search warrants of Mellow’s home and district office in Peckville on June 18. The Senate minority leader has not been charged with any crimes.

You are the most important part of this enterprise.

Please forward this edition of DR News and encourage your friends to sign up for future editions by clicking here

Please support DR’s work with a tax-deductible contribution. Click here  to donate online or find our mailing address.


Read more informative articles at Democracy Rising Pennsylvania

NewsBusted 10-232

Topics in today's show:

-- Unemployment, economy top two issues for voters
-- Less than half of poor people support Obama
-- Assisted suicide accounts for 2% of deaths in Netherlands
-- Disneyland visitor: I was groped by Donald Duck
-- UK Telegraph: 10 reasons Obama's in meltdown
-- New movie about Jon Belushi
-- Dead fish wash up on Jersey Shore
-- Employers less likely to hire drinkers

Starring: Jodi Miller
Director: Bruce Roundtower
Executive Producer: Matthew Sheffield

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Rush Limbaugh: Obama Needs A Woman To Write His Speeches

Get a Rush with Rush!

Rush Limbaugh: Obama Needs A Woman To Write His..., posted with vodpod

Friday, August 20, 2010

News News News!

SCOOTER'S REPORT - If it's news but not here, it's not real:

Hardhats Vow Not To Build Ground Zero Mosque

Rats, I was really wanting to see how the Iron Workers' new pork/steel girders were going to work out. Thank God for individuals who put conscience before profit - I salute yous guys.


Martha's Vineyard Still Attracts Sh*t

I thought this story referenced the Obama's latest vacation (this month) to Ted Kennedy's old drinking/whoring grounds, Martha's Vineyard, but it turns out it's about the salt-water lagoon fronting the first family’s vacation estate having high levels of fecal coliform bacteria.

Apparently, the reports of the First Lady pooping in the lagoon were true ("Hey Mom, what kind of fish is THAT?").


Maxine Waters Dismisses Evidence In Ethics Case As "Chatter"

OK, so Intellectual pygmy and Rangel soul-mate, Rep. Maxine Waters, calls emails she sent to Barney Frank to procure $12 million for her husband's bank innocent "office chatter." Investigators (and anyone with a higher IQ than a bicycle seat's) politely disagree.

The fact that Waters has already forgotten how this defense worked out for Nixon and his tapes proves it's time for this parasitic geriatric hose-bag to hit the road. See ya!


White House: Obama "Obviously" A Christian

Alright, let's see now...

  1. Spent the last 20 years in 'church' studying hatred for another race - check
  2. Tirelessly promoted the slaughter of unborn and partially-born babies - check
  3. Studied under and worked closely with atheist socialists and terrorists - check
  4. Stated there are many roads to salvation - check
  5. Raised as a Muslim - check
  6. Never attended a church service since winning presidency - check
  7. Worships Satan - OK, I made that one up

Yep, Barry's obviously a follower of Christ, all right!

First Lady Michelle Obama, Maxine Waters, "Christian" Obama

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

BREAKING VIDEO: Rudy Giuliani Finally Speaks Out About Ground Zero Mosque

Rudy takes on the liberal talking points of NBC

"The question here is of sensitivity, of people's feelings, and are you really what you pretend to be. If you want to claim to be the healer, then you're not on the side of the person who's pushing those divisive issues."

BREAKING VIDEO: Rudy Giuliani Finally Speaks Ou..., posted with vodpod

NewsBusted 10-229

Topics in today's show:
-- Obama endorses Ground Zero mosque
-- First Family visits Gulf
-- Pelosi campaigning for Dems
-- Fla. proposes strict immigration law
-- Scandal-plagued Dem Rostenkowski dies
-- Schumer, Andrew Cuomo attent Rangel fundraiser
-- Hugh Hefner: all women are sex objects
-- U of Alabama #1 in preseason football rankings

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

N. Korea: All Your Base Are Belong To Us

SEOUL (SR) - North Korea's military threatened reprisals Sunday against South Korea for staging joint war games with the United States this week.

The statement published by North Korea's state media said, "The North's army and people will deal the most merciless counterblow no one has ever met in the world to your base - it all are belong to us."

The statement concludes with the ominous threat "We counterblow you longtime."

The warning came a day before US and South Korean troops begin the joint 10-day computerised war games.

My comments: Just the thought of all our base are belong to them gives me the chills - let's pray that's just an idle threat....

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End of the World…for Real

By James Carafano

Last week we were attacked by the sun. For real. Huge solar eruptions sent a blast of radiation toward Earth. Thankfully, the planet’s natural magnetic shield warded off the worst effects. Life went on uninterrupted.

That won’t always be the case. In 1859, Richard Carrington recorded what is now called the “Carrington Effect” — intense solar activity that can disrupt modern life dramatically.

In Carrington’s day, there were few electromechanical systems for intense solar radiation to mess with. The new fangled telegraph systems suffered the most. Solar-induced power surges knocked some operators from their chairs and set fire to the paper rolls used to record dashes and dots. Fortunately, no Carrington Effect has occurred since the whole world became electrified. But scientists worry about what might happen when a real solar tsunami hits.

It is a real danger. In 2008, the National Academies released a report on the “adverse effects of extreme space weather on modern technology — power grid outages, high-frequency communication blackouts. …” Much of the planet’s energy and communications infrastructure is just too fragile to weather a massive electromagnetic onslaught.

We need to devote a lot more effort to building up resistance to solar tsunamis. Even if there is no intense solar burp in our lifetime, manmade threats can deliver the same damage.

A high-altitude nuclear explosion can create an electromagnetic pulse that mimics a solar tsunami, a fact validated in 2004 by the Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from electromagnetic pulse attack.

A massive EMP attack on the United States could produce almost unimaginable devastation by wiping out essential infrastructure. Communications would collapse, transportation would halt, and electrical power would disappear. Not even a global humanitarian effort would be enough to keep hundreds of millions of Americans from dying of starvation or exposure.

Nor would the catastrophe stop at our borders. Most of Canada would die, too. Its infrastructure is integrated with the U.S. power grid. Without the American economic engine, the world economy would quickly collapse. Much of the world’s intellectual property (half of it is in the United States) would be lost as well. The Earth would likely recede into the “new” Dark Ages.

There’s nothing we can do to prevent a solar tsunami, but thwarting a nuclear missile attack is well within our capabilities. “Countering the EMP Threat: The Role of Missile Defense,” a recent report from the Independent Working Group, offers some practical and readily achievable recommendations and even outlines how we could implement a defense against a short-range seaborne missile attack now.

We could take the danger of ballistic missile EMP attacks off the table by building more robust long-range missile defenses That would require beefing up our domestic ground-based interceptors and dusting off an existing (but currently shelved) plan to put ground-based interceptors in Europe.

Both the U.S.- and European-based interceptors are proven, cost-effective systems that could defend us right now. Yet the Obama administration has opted for a “phased and adaptive approach” –a strategy that may start to give us useful capabilities around 2020 or so … if everything goes right.

For the long term, the administration ought to be pushing space-based missile defense, which can provide comprehensive, robust and very cost-effective security against ballistic missile attack.

While an ounce of missile defense would be worth a pound of EMP cure, we cannot ignore curative remedies either. Both public and private sectors need to pay more attention to “hardening” truly vital infrastructure to make it more resistant and resilient to natural and manmade threats.

It’s dangerous to look directly at the sun. But it can be downright catastrophic to avert our eyes from the very real risk of solar tsunami or EMP attack.

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Monday, August 16, 2010

Uncle Jay Explains The News - 10-228

Steven Slater's job has exited down the chute, Ground Zero Mosque is experiencing heavy turbulence, Levi Johnston's flight has been canceled again, and Congress' ethics are not in the full upright position. Uncle Jay explains!

Uncle Jay Explains The News - 10-228, posted with vodpod

Muslim Radicals DISRESPECT of Ground Zero + More

Muslim Radicals DISRESPECT of Ground Zero (or Lie Softly But Carry a Big Schitck)  ---ed

The Patriot Post  Brief

The Foundation

"If men are so wicked with religion, what would they be if without it?" --Benjamin Franklin

Editor's Note

Last week, the staff of The Patriot Post took an "August recess" to regroup before the hectic election season. However, many readers did not receive our recess notice because The Patriot was erroneously placed on a junk mail list used by several major Internet Service Providers (ISPs). It was a technical issue, not a political one, and we believe it to be resolved. We're back in full swing, with many thanks to the large chorus of readers who let us know that you missed us.


"A place is made sacred by a widespread belief that it was visited by the miraculous or the transcendent (Lourdes, the Temple Mount), by the presence there once of great nobility and sacrifice (Gettysburg), or by the blood of martyrs and the indescribable suffering of the innocent (Auschwitz). When we speak of Ground Zero as hallowed ground, what we mean is that it belongs to those who suffered and died there -- and that such ownership obliges us, the living, to preserve the dignity and memory of the place, never allowing it to be forgotten, trivialized or misappropriated. ... Religious institutions in this country are autonomous. Who is to say that the [near-Ground Zero] mosque won't one day hire an Anwar al-Aulaqi -- spiritual mentor to the Fort Hood shooter and the Christmas Day bomber, and one-time imam at the Virginia mosque attended by two of the 9/11 terrorists? An Aulaqi preaching in Virginia is a security problem. An Aulaqi preaching at Ground Zero is a sacrilege. Location matters. Especially this location. Ground Zero is the site of the greatest mass murder in American history -- perpetrated by Muslims of a particular Islamist orthodoxy in whose cause they died and in whose name they killed. ... America is a free country where you can build whatever you want -- but not anywhere. That's why we have zoning laws. No liquor store near a school, no strip malls where they offend local sensibilities, and, if your house doesn't meet community architectural codes, you cannot build at all. These restrictions are for reasons of aesthetics. Others are for more profound reasons of common decency and respect for the sacred. No commercial tower over Gettysburg, no convent at Auschwitz -- and no mosque at Ground Zero. Build it anywhere but there." --columnist Charles Krauthammer

Faith & Family

"The word 'ban' is negative. Like 'taboo,' the term offends modern sensibilities trained to be ever more accepting of any envelope-pushing behavior. That's why the media describe California's Proposition 8 constitutional marriage law as a 'ban,' not the codification of something positive and timeless. The Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) has been misreported for years as the 'federal ban on gay marriage.' ... The media have turned the meaning of marriage on its head. Calling the law a 'ban' says its only purpose is to discriminate against homosexuals. By this reasoning, any law or policy that defines something is a 'ban.' But a license to practice law or medicine is not a 'ban' on those without law or medical degrees. It is recognition of the holder's qualifications. A state's requirements for a driver's license are not a 'ban' on the underaged or the untrained. Marriage as the union of a man and a woman predates all other human institutions. It was not created to annoy homosexuals. Marriage laws exclude all but one man and one unrelated woman. ... Just because homosexual activists have led the assault is not an excuse to pretend that marriage has only the purpose of excluding them. ... The next time you see someone cite the 'ban on gay marriage,' it's the work of radical cultural activists -- or someone dancing to their tune." --author Robert Knight

For the Record

"After 50 years of being inundated with stories of white racism, and being taught in college that in this white-dominated society, only a white can be a racist, the American public has been properly brainwashed into accepting the otherwise incredible: A black man murdered eight white people at his place of work because they were white, and the media story is about the murderer's alleged experiences of racism. ... Just as leading liberals would not ascribe Islamist motives -- until there was no possibility of denying them -- to recent Muslim attacks on Americans, the liberal media, i.e., almost all news media in America, does not brand these Connecticut murders for what they are: racist. That is why [the murderer, Omar] Thornton told the 9-1-1 operator, 'I wish I could have gotten more of the people (i.e., whites).' We are repeatedly told by liberal whites and blacks that America needs an honest dialogue on race. Needless to say, they don't mean it because the moment a white or black says anything critical of black behavior, he is labeled racist or Uncle Tom. So most non-liberal whites and blacks just keep quiet. One result is this morally upside-down reporting of the murders in Connecticut." --radio talk-show host Dennis Prager


"I'm getting tired of Alan Greenspan. First, the former Federal Reserve chairman blamed an allegedly unregulated free market for the housing and financial debacle. Now he favors repealing the Bush-era tax cuts. This has a certain sad irony. Recall that Greenspan once was an associate of Ayn Rand, the philosophical novelist who provided a moral defense of the free market, or as she put it, the separation of state and economy. Greenspan even contributed three essays to Rand's book 'Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal' -- one for the gold standard, one against antitrust laws, and one against government consumer protection. ... But now Greenspan, going beyond what even President Obama favors, calls on Congress to let the 2001 and 2003 Bush tax cuts expire -- not just for upper-income people but for everyone. 'I'm in favor of tax cuts, but not with borrowed money....' He says he supported the 2001 cuts because of pending budget surpluses, but now that huge deficits loom, new revenues are needed. Why? ... The deficit has grown not because we are undertaxed but because government overspends. ... [T]he stupidest thing said about tax cuts is the often-repeated claim that 'they ought to be paid for.' How absurd! Tax cuts merely let people keep money they rightfully own. It's government programs, not tax cuts, that must be paid for. The tax-hungry politicians' demand that cuts be 'paid for' implies the federal budget isn't $3 trillion, but $15 trillion -- the whole GDP -- with anything mercifully left in our pockets being some form of government spending. How monstrous! If cutting taxes leaves less money for government programs, the answer is simple: Ax the programs!" --columnist John Stossel


"[T]he gap between the consciousness of 'we socialists' and 'we the people' can be seen in the assertion by some liberals recently that the president's collapse in the polls is part of this current reaction to events is but a passing thing. If they think that, they understand nothing of the forces they have unleashed by their tragically imprudent effort to fundamentally transform our country. In 1856, Frenchman Alexis de Tocqueville, in analyzing the causes of his country's revolution, observed, 'Evils which are patiently endured when they seem inevitable become intolerable when once the idea of escape from them is suggested.' A year ago, it seemed possible that a majority of Americans -- rattled by economic collapse and under the sway of a popular, charismatic president -- might buy in to plans to fundamentally transform America away from liberty, prosperity and greatness and toward security and a massive, protective state. ... But as the first details of the transformation were revealed to the nation -- in Obamacare, the stimulus, bailouts, nationalizations and running roughshod over the Constitution -- it became clear that the price for security turned out to be our birthright of liberty. Americans were not that rattled. Now that we who cling to our liberty know we are a majority -- and potentially a very large majority -- we are aroused to the defense of our ancient rights -- and we will not slacken in our efforts until that repulsive plan for transformation has been expurgated from the body politic...." --columnist Tony Blankley

The Gipper

"America is presented with the clearest political choice of half a century. The distinction between our two parties and the different philosophy of our political opponents are at the heart of this campaign and America's future. ... The choices this year are not just between two different personalities or between two political parties. They're between two different visions of the future, two fundamentally different ways of governing -- their government of pessimism, fear, and limits, or ours of hope, confidence, and growth. Their government sees people only as members of groups; ours serves all the people of America as individuals. Theirs lives in the past, seeking to apply the old and failed policies to an era that has passed them by. Ours learns from the past and strives to change by boldly charting a new course for the future. Theirs lives by promises, the bigger, the better. We offer proven, workable answers." --Ronald Reagan

Political Futures

"The October Surprise. We all know it's coming. In what shape, idea, form -- who's to say? Evil always surprises. Its goals are constant, the ultimate objective never changes, but inevitably it manifests itself as the savior of the day, the savior of man. The 2008 Democrat October Surprise that ushered in the first hardcore radical post-American president in American history was the 'economic collapse.' Oh yes, that was a beaut. The time before that, the moochers and the looters tried to fake Bush documents -- except that the conservative blogosphere caught them red-handed, so they missed their mark. But the party of haters, infiltrators, anti-capitalists, the party that is anti-freedom and anti-individual rights, is going to have to pull off something really catastrophic to stay in power this November. And they will, because it is abundantly clear now that they despise the premise of America and they mean to replace it with statism, the source of untold, incomprehensible human misery for centuries. ... They build nothing, produce nothing, create nothing, invent nothing. They steal. They demand. They demoralize. They are destroyers. What will October's Surprise be?" --columnist Pamela Geller

Reader Comments

"Dear Mark, I think your implementation of the August recess for your staff is great. Enjoy your time off and keep up the good work." --Joyce

"I just saw the note about 'closing up shop' and giving the staff some time for R & R. What a blessing! Enjoy the time with your families, and come back prepared to provide us with the truth (sadly, there are too few outlets willing to publish it, especially if it lacks in popularity with 'the anointed one'!) God bless!" --Paul

"Received this year's copy of 'Essential Liberty' which means I will give it to some deserving recipient. So appreciate your work, the team and The Patriot Post." --Doug

The Last Word

"It was canonical to this administration and its functionaries that they were handed a broken nation, that it was theirs to repair, that it was theirs to tax and reshape to their preferences. Yet there was, in 1980, after another landmark election, a leader who had stepped forth in a time of 'malaise' at home and weakness abroad: Ronald Reagan. His program was different from Mr. Obama's. His faith in the country was boundless. What he sought was to restore the nation's faith in itself, in its political and economic vitality. Big as Reagan's mandate was, in two elections, the man was never bigger than his country. There was never narcissism or a bloated sense of personal destiny in him. He gloried in the country, and drew sustenance from its heroic deeds and its capacity for recovery. No political class rode with him to power anxious to lay its hands on the nation's treasure, eager to supplant the forces of the market with its own economic preferences. ... The detachment of Mr. Obama need not be dwelled upon at great length, so obvious it is now even to the pundits who had a 'tingling sensation' when they beheld him during his astonishing run for office. ... The country has had its fill with a scapegoating that knows no end from a president who had vowed to break with recriminations and partisanship. The magic of 2008 can't be recreated, and good riddance to it. Slowly, the nation has recovered its poise. There is a widespread sense of unstated embarrassment that a political majority, if only for a moment, fell for the promise of an untested redeemer -- a belief alien to the temperament of this so practical and sober a nation." --columnist Fouad Ajami

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

General Petraeus on Afghan Strategy

Afghan War general on time line for withdrawal, WikiLeaks.

General Petraeus on Afghan Strategy, posted with vodpod

How Do Terrorists View the Arizona Border?

By Pat Dollard

H/T @knottienature

How Do Terrorists View the Arizona Border?, posted with vodpod

American Muslim Organization Says President Obama is Wrong

American Islamic Forum for Democracy



PHOENIX (August 15, 2010) - Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser, a devout Muslim and the president and founder of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy issued the following statement regarding remarks from President Obama on the proposed mosque and Islamic Center at Ground Zero:

"As an American Muslim whose family fled persecution in Syria and as someone who has stood in the face of some resistance to the building of many of our houses of worship in the U.S., I fully understand the value of standing for religious freedom in America. But President Obama's statement about the Ground Zero mosque at last night's White House Iftar dinner is the latest example of political correctness gone awry.

The President commented that:
Muslims have the same right to practice their religion as everyone else in this country. And that includes the right to build a place of worship and a community center on private property in Lower Manhattan, in accordance with local laws and ordinances. This is America."

Yes, Mr. President, this is America and you have fundamentally misunderstood the stakes in this discussion and the sentiments of the American people. Instead, you have focused on the very issue that the Islamist propagandists wish you to-- the narrative that Americans somehow need lectures about Islam, Muslims, and religious freedom.

Your message to Americans will be spun on Al Jazeera and by Islamists across the world that President Obama reassured a friendly global Muslim audience at the White House Ramadan dinner that he was going to remind Americans about the principles of religious freedom for Muslims since they seem to be trampling over those principles in the local dispute at Ground Zero in New York.

Mr. President this is not about religious freedom. It is about the importance of the World Trade Center site to the psyche of the American People. It is about a blatant attack on our sovereignty by people whose ideology ultimately demands the elimination of our way of life. While Imam Faisal Rauf may not share their violent tendencies he does seem to share a belief that Islamic structures are a political statement and even Ground Zero should be looked upon through the lens of political Islam and not a solely American one.

As a Muslim desperate to reform his faith, your remarks take us backwards from the day that my faith will come into modernity. I do not stand to eliminate Imam Rauf's religious freedom; I stand to make sure that my children's religious freedom will be determined by the liberty guaranteed in the American Constitution and not by clerics or leaders who are apologists for shar'iah law and will tell me what religious freedom is.

'Park 51', 'The Cordoba House' or whatever they are calling it today should not be built, not because it is not their right to do it - but because it is not right to do it." Mr. President, your involvement in this issue is divisive not uniting. Your follow-up stating that 'you will not speak to the wisdom of the construction of that mosque and center' indicates a passive-aggressive meddling on your part that only marginalizes those Muslim and non-Muslim voices against it while pretending to understand both sides of the debate.

Contact: 602-254-1840 (office), email: info@aifdemocracy.org, web: www.aifdemocracy.org

About the American Islamic Foundation for Democracy

The American Islamic Forum for Democracy (AIFD) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable organization. AIFD's mission advocates for the preservation of the founding principles of the United States Constitution, liberty and freedom, through the separation of mosque and state. For more information on AIFD, please visit our website at http://www.aifdemocracy.org/

Summer 2010

Two current (issued within two days of each other) expert opinions about whether or not to worry about a double dip recession.

1. No reason to worry:

No fear of double dip recession: US treasury chief

WASHINGTON: "US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner dismissed fears of a double dip recession in an interview aired on Sunday, but warned of a slow US recovery with the economy only gradually gaining strength.

Geithner was asked on NBC's "Meet the Press" whether he thought the economy would dip back into recession before things got better.

"No, I don't," he answered. -more

2. Start worrying:

Chance of double-dip recession is high: (Reuters)

- "The state of the economy is worrisome and there is a high possibility of a double-dip recession, one of the property market's most well-known economists said on Tuesday.

Robert Shiller, professor of economics at Yale University and co-developer of Standard and Poor's S&P/Case-Shiller home price indexes, told Reuters Insider he does not know where home prices may be headed, but believes the economy may be on a precarious path.

"For me a double-dip is another recession before we've healed from this recession ... The probability of that kind of double-dip is more than 50 percent," Shiller said.

"I actually expect it." -more

* * *
As for me ... I plan to worry. It's the Jewish thing to do.

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