Thursday, November 13, 2008

Nancy Pelosi Seeks $50B For News Company

BERKELEY - Scooter's Report (SR), one of America's premier web-based news and commentary sites, yesterday presented House Speaker Nancy Pelosi with a formal request for a $37 billion assistance package, needed to provide additional liquidity for the company.

Speaker Pelosi called the requested aid package "absolutely vital in safeguarding the viability of America's electronic media," and said she is also asking for an additional $13 billion to "even out the number and make sure they have a little extra, just in case."

C.E.O. of Scooter's Report, Scooter Van Neuter, speaking from his overwater bungalow in French Polynesia, publicly thanked Pelosi for her "diligence and steadfastness" in supporting key American industries, and expressed regret for any past SR "articles or photos that may have cast Madame Speaker in a less than favorable light."


Vivacious Pelosi "steadfast"

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