Thursday, April 02, 2009

Eldrick Tont Woods - A True Giant

By TonyfromOz

I'll bet you didn't read much about this in the mainstream media.

This was a very publicly delivered speech that would have been shuffled away unreported, mainly because it really wasn't what the public, and that adoring media, gathered for the purposes of adoration, was expecting to hear.

He was asked to appear at the inauguration of President Obama, and you can figure out why for yourself, and he was asked to speak, an honour given to few on that day.

He then gave the following speech, and this is it in its entirety.

Not once did he mention President Obama, only alluding but one time, and that was to 'this historic day'.

It was patently obvious that the assembled crowd, and the reporting media would have been hoping to hear something entirely different.

However, what he did say was probably more important than what the crowd was expecting to hear.

I'll bet that somewhere up there, LtCol Earl Woods was looking down, immensely proud and pleased with his son.

The rest of us should also be just as proud, because men who get all but the most minor of grudging respect are out there doing what they do in our name with very little support, or even recognition, while this assembled gathering all just wanted to abase themselves in obeisance before the anointed one.

Tiger Woods. On that day you proved yourself an even greater giant of a man. a man who has no need to bow down before another mortal man, who has no need to offer false praise, which is all they wanted to hear on that day.

This is the full speech.

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