Monday, February 14, 2011

New From Israel - Information NOT Being Released To American Public

                   LYLE J. RAPACKI, Ph.D.
Sunday - February the 13th, 2011
1505Hrs; m.s.t. (Arizona)  (Received 18:29 EST)                                                            
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Email Briefing Bulletin:                                                                        OPEN SOURCE INTELLIGENCE//OSINT
I was asked to forward the below information, and upon reviewing the contents I understand why.  Once again Americans are deliberately being kept in the dark as to many of the more subtle happenings in Egypt, and throughout the Middle East.  A calculated effort is at work to create an ignorance to facts and events that surely will have a significant impact on Americans.  The content below is NOT political fodder or mere rhetoric.  The statements below are intended to be a WARNING TO AMERICANS as to the impending danger lurking just off the shores of the united States of America, but also the danger that has slithered into our country through borders that are still sieves regardless of what the political elites say.  Please be aware food and fuel prices are climbing, and more increases being reported to come within 120-days.  Seriously study your ability to withstand short-term disruptions (3-months) of food and other staples, lack of general supplies, climbing prices and their effect on your family budget. Please seriously study the effects of civil disturbances and your logistical ability to get to food and other supply stores, or to work, or to fuel your vehicle.  What contingency plans have you made?  How will you cope with disruptions in supply lines due to either shortages or transportation challenges delivering food and supplies, as well as significant price increases? 
While a dictatorship was stopped in Egypt there are dark and nefarious forces at work that are equally wrong, and worse.  These dark forces hate America.  These dark forces hate Christians and Jews and anything not complying with absolute Sharia Law.  These dark forces hate anything westernized.  These dark forces are ruthless and evil incarnate.  They now are openly on the march across the Middle East, and simultaneously have taken deliberate aim at America and are coming!  Disrupting food and fuel to bring down a country is not out of the question.  
Please consider this information carefully.  Please consider this warning without panic, but with all deliberate speed.
Protective Intelligence and Assessment Specialist
Consultant at Behavioral Analysis and Threat Assessment
Private-Sector Intelligence Analyst
Member-ASIS International
FBI InfraGard-Arizona
Association for Intelligence Officers

Not to scare anyone... but please take some time to read this!    This is not hearsay; this comes from Israel.   This information is not being reported by State-run media in America.  The citizens of America are not informed: 

Given recent changes in the Middle East, Israel must prepare for a battle in several theaters, outgoing IDF Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi informed us this past Monday at the Herzliya Conference.

"The connection between the different players supported by the Obama regime requires us to contend with more than one theater of battle operations," he said. With the support of the Obama regime and the myriad of leftist organizations we know that are marching lock step with him are planning a regional Jihadist war against the State of Israel. Hosni Mubarak and his Intelligence Chief know this as well.  Under the banner of "Democratic Reform" Obama has organized a Chicago style machine in the Middle East that is being funded by US Tax dollars and private donations which are now collectively running into the billions of dollars. Left wing and Islamic charities are matching more than dollar for dollar to promote this political machine. 

Obama and other world leaders including Cameron of the UK, King Abdulluah of Jordan, and the Saudi's see this as a direct threat to not only world peace but the National Security of the United States. The left in the US has for decades prevented drilling for oil or the building of processing plants in order to insure when the dominoes fall, the US will have little to no fuel to combat internal riots, ship food and operate industry and civilian emergency services.

The Obama regime has also made an "open door" policy when it comes to immigration from Islamic states while blocking the immigration of others.  He has built up an army of insurgents in so doing.

The plan is well conceived and a secondary contingency has been brought into play. Obama is appearing to lean to the center in order to try to salvage his regime. This is orchestrated from Chicago as meeting between Unions, Leftist Non-Profits and Left Wing new manipulation masters have agreed to hold down the rhetoric so the American public will calm down and accept Obama's policies. It is our hope that the American people will see the direct similarities between the way the Democratic party "shoved" legislation down the peoples throats while calling it " the will of the people" and the way he is shoving "change" down the throats of the Middle East.

Mr. Obama is extremely mistaken in thinking that Israel will not resort to nuclear strikes. In the event that our borders would be over run a nuclear strike against the invading armed forces is a guarantee. We will not be subjected to another holocaust and this is our final word on the subject. "Never Again" is not a cute slogan, it is an oath before G-d.

Obama constantly speaks of "freedom" for people who are the singular biggest enemies of freedom, the Leftist and Islamics. Capitalism is NOT dead, it's only anemic from the parasitical attack from the Left. No Nation can ever continually feed the life sucking parasites known as the left. Islam cannot exist in a free society. Islam means submission and their favorite saying in the Middle East and other Islamic enclaves is; "Freedom Go To Hell".

Barak Hussein Obama has far surpassed the idiocy of Jimmy Carter and has brought the world to the brink of a regional blood bath that will in fact result in World War III. There is no avoiding it as long as Obama and Biden are in power. Removing Obama will not stop the train that has left the station. Biden will merely pick up where Obama left of, that is the reason Biden was chosen over Hillary Clinton. 

Currently Obama has the new Congress bogged down with the EPA and other irritations and he knows this takes up valuable time as he knows how to "run down the clock". I have said before and I will say again; "It will not turn out the way Obama thinks it will nor will it turn out the way he wants it to."

The Muslim Brotherhood has already begun it's "Cleansing" of Egypt by murdering Christians. It won't end now. US citizens have fled Egypt to Israel for safety, and Christians from Egypt are fleeing to Israel as well for safety. We know that the MB will come after them eventually but we will not give them up to a slaughter, we will fight and we will win. The MB is also planning massive attacks within the United States. Nepalitano can no longer liberalize it and deny it. She is begging for help to deal with it and yet, she claims to be an expert. It matters not how much advise we give her, she will not listen because it's not accompanied by a back up chorus singing "Cum Ba Ya".  G-d bless and G-d help America, they have disarmed you all and opened the doors.

The UK and Europe are both horrified, watch them closely and pay close attention to their actions. They too are arming themselves. They know what's coming. 

L'Shalom A'chotim,

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G Freeman Shepherd said...

Americans should wake up. What can you say? "Too late now but, watch out, here it comes!"