Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Gun Bills Blocked By PA Judiciary Committee

[Thank God for that!
For any of you who think gun control is the answer to Crime and to School Shootings, please buy the Window sticker shown here.
I'll even pay for it if you will display it prominently on your front door or in your front window.
(This may be the answer to increasing the intelligence of our gene pool : )

If there wasn't such an obsession with curtailing our rights to own and carry guns Columbine, Virginia Tech & other Massacres would NOT have happened!!! See a thoughtful, well researched article, that achieved International recognition, by our own editor - "
" ---Al]

By / of , 11/20/07 10:58 AM EST Updated: 11/20/07 7:22 PM EST

Gov. Ed Rendell may have left the Capitol with a clear conscience last night.

But it was the state's hardcore protectors of the right to bear arms who went home with smiles on their face, after they beat back a Rendell-backed attempt to push through three of the gun control lobby's centerpiece bill through the House Judiciary Committee.

[Damn straight, we're "Hardcore" in believing in the rights of Citizens as provided for by our Constitution. ---Al]

Despite a rare direct appeal from the governor to let their "common sense and backbone" send the bills to the House for a full floor debate... committee members killed two centerpiece gun control bills today, despite hearing a direct appeal for the legislation from Gov. Ed Rendell
[Our home grown "Mafia" Governor].
"What you had before the committee today was feel-good legislation, not good legislation," said John Hohenwarter, state liason for the National Rifle Association...

Gun control opponents see these measures as impeding their freedom to bear arms.
[Same thing Hitler & other Tyrants did to their people before running roughshod over the Citizens]

For more on this story, see Wednesday's (tomorrow's) editions of The Patriot-News.


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