Sunday, November 18, 2007

Watch Out!!! Nefarious PA Is After eBAY Sellers!

The , Money Grubbing, State of PA is now gunning for eBay Sellers!

Just like they did the poor , thus causing a dangerous situation for expectant mothers!

Do they care? Nooo, So a few people die, so what it's all about GREED!

PA, sadly, is all about grabbing YOUR MONEY to spend to benefit those in Government.

Now, I am ashamed to say, the State of PA is trying to kill the . In this case it's eBAY.

eBAY, with it's No Tax has been a BOON to our economy.

(Except, in more recent times, for those with stores in States that buyers reside) That should be rescinded.
Even the "More Taxation" Liberal Democrats under Clinton realized that eBay was their salvation. eBay saved their butt and made Clinton look good even though he messed up the economy.

But Now the Greedy, Out-Of-Touch-With-Reality, Imbeciles in PA Government want to change that.


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... Barry Fallon, who ran a business called iSold It on eBay in Lower Paxton Twp., has been summoned to appear before the state Board of Auctioneer Examiners. He could face a fine of at least $1,000.

The state claims that people like Fallon — those who accept things on consignment from other people and sell them using the California-based Web site eBay — are auctioneers and must obtain traditional state auctioneers’ licenses.

The enforcement push means that online sellers would have to serve apprenticeships with traditional auctioneers or take college auctioneering courses.

It has rankled some Internet sellers. They don’t need to master a rapid-fire price chant, said Robert Musser, the president of a Lancaster-based business that sells items on eBay.

“It is a waste,” he said. “It doesn’t advance our skills.”

The examiners board is dominated by traditional auctioneers. It's stance toward eBay sellers “is kind of like having the buggy whip manufacturers decide whether to allow new automobiles to be sold,” Fallon said. “... They are seeing us as competition, and they don’t want us around.”

The legal clout behind the examiners board is wielded by the Pennsylvania Department of State.
[These are the same CLOWNS that fined & forced a licensed Mid-Wife out of business unless she gets a PA LICENSE!!!]

Spokeswoman Leslie Amoros said it backs up 27 licensing boards, including those that deal with nurses, landscape architects and barbers...

The purpose, Amoros said, is to maintain the integrity of the professions [And give us a cut of the money. --- Al]

“Our position is that brokers who accept goods from sellers on consignment and then sell goods on eBay and retain a percentage ... must have an auctioneer license,” she said...

... They include Mary Jo Pletz of Walnutport, about 20 miles north of Allentown.

Pletz said her daughter, Julia, was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor when she was 6 months old. Pletz, a dental hygienist, quit her job to care for Julia. For at-home work, Pletz started selling other people’s furniture, clothing and antiques on eBay.

By last Christmas, she had sold 10,000 items. A few days after the holiday, she said, a representative from the Department of State came to her house and told her she was breaking the law.

Pletz has shut down her business and faces action by the auctioneer examiners board. She said she and her attorney have been unable to determine whether her potential fine is a flat $1,000, or $1,000 for each item she sold — meaning a fine of $10 million.
[These greedy, Scrooge, bastards have no heart.]

At least two bills awaiting committee action in the Legislature were designed to deal with eBay auctioneering. Their outcome will have broad implications.

While there are 2,100 licensed auctioneers in Pennsylvania, the lead sponsor of a state Senate bill, Sen. Rob Wonderling, R-Montgomery, said there are more than 15,000 state residents who make most of their money by trading and selling on the Internet.

His bill would remove any requirement for licensing residents who use online trading platforms. Those who demand they have licenses, he said, do not understand the modern, electronic economy.
[Ahh, someone using the brains God gave him]

“The bureaucracy, and those special interests that are encouraging the bureaucracy, are lacking in common sense,” Wonderling said. [Amen, to that]

Another bill in the state House of Representatives would require online sellers of other people’s items to register, pay a fee of about $100, and secure a bond that would cost about $50, according to state Rep. Michael Sturla, D-Lancaster, the lead sponsor. The bill would not require anyone to go to auctioneers’ school, he said. [It figures, a Democrap would want to make some money off of the 'Golden Egg Goose]

Sellers should register with the state, he said, because the eBay system allows sellers to submit bids on their own items, driving up prices in a false manner.

[Boy, is he ever full of Horse Manure here. Just try that on eBay and see how long you have an account. I think this is called a smoke screen. Throw people of with a lie and hope most won't know it. --- Al]

“There is a consumer protection issue here,” Sturla said.
[You mean a Money Making Issue for our PA Gov't Overlords]

Linda Artz, who sells crafts online from her Dillsburg shop, said, “Don’t tell someone like myself I have to be able to run a live auction. ... That has absolutely no place in what we are doing in the eBay realm.”

Artz said the state’s enforcement push is about money.

“I really think it is a revenue thing, a way to put their thumb on people,” she said. [You tell him girl. You got that right!]

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