Friday, August 08, 2008

My Response: Lawsuit Against

I support going to trial over the nature of the case.

Essentially, Red Lasso does for and what I do for G4 TV on Youtube. Those two websites are about people taking information and using that to create and establish critical review and analysis.

I do the same thing for G4 TV.

As a member of the Virtual Audience would later say, "Their logo is in the screen, they are getting the promotion."

Ultimately, what will help G4 TV is being recognized in more websites and entertaining common knowledge, and that happens by popular websites talking about that material.

I make videos about G4 TV, some criticizing, some praising. All display G4 TV's material and thus provide an opportunity for someone not in the know to come across G4 and begin watching.


Anonymous said...

Looks like most of your G4 videos have been removed from YouTube. Did this just happen after you wrote your recent article?

Grumpy Old Man said...

Yes, it must have.
The MSM Gestapo must be hard at work!
Those stupid Asses are cutting off their Nose to Spite their Face!!!