Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Israel: Making a Difference in Haiti

Haiti Day 6 – No one but the Israeli’s have come to help any of our patients that are dying ...

CNN Elizabeth Cohen interviews makeshift medical tent personnel on January 18, 2010.
Asking Harvard Medical Dr. Jennifer Furin, “Have the American’s set up a field hosptial?”
“Currently, not yet.”
Cohen: “The Israeli’s came from the other side of the world…”
Furin: “It’s a frustrating thing that I really can’t explain…”

Where is the United States??? Sure we have Doctors and Nurses there BUT they are hampered by the lack of Operating and Medical Facilities!

This is a crying shame. Where has our Emergency Preparedness gone??? Our Politicians have let our ability to respond to Emergency and Military crises fade to almost nothing. They are more interested in lining their pockets with our taxes and finding new ways to have us under their thumbs that everything else is unimportant to them. I say FIRE them all from Obama on down! Let's start over and rebuild America.

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