Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Scott Brown pulls an "Obama" on the MA Democrats

The polls are open in Massachusetts from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m today. Please get out and vote for Scott Brown, a welcome change for all citizens regardless of Political affiliations, Race, Creed or Religion.

In Felicia Sonmez article Why Scott Brown Leads she states:
With so much riding on a race that has only garnered nat'l attention
over the past week, we thought it's worth taking a step back and
examining what exactly hangs in the balance, and how conversations with
MA voters have informed our outlook on the election.

This race could spell the doom for Obama and his Minions in Congress. He and his Cohorts in crime have ignored us American citizens, the very people they are sworn to serve, as if we were mindless babies. I resent that and Obama's, and his Congressional 'Yes' men and women for trying to cram their brand of Socialism (Communism, Fascism, etc.) down our throats.
... many Brown supporters and a surprising number of Coakley backers said
they thought going negative on Brown's character hurt Coakley. Some
Dems pointed to the "rape" ads as particularly over-the-top.
Fortunately for us Americans who have an inkling of what our Constitution means, and what our Founding Fathers worked so hard to create in order to provide us with the Freedoms we enjoy, this race may well put our Liberty, Freedom and Constitutional Rights back on track once again.
... by the time Brown began pulling ahead last week, his feel-good ads
showing him in his kitchen, or driving his truck, or campaigning on the
streets of South Boston, had already begun resonating with voters.
Obama may have helped garner a few votes for the Coakley but I think he has inadvertently gotten as many or more for Brown.
He ... is ... a likable, "average" guy -- a blank
. Over the weekend, a surprising number of Dems along the trail
had good things to say about Brown as a person: some called him
"handsome," or said he "seems like a nice guy." Even Obama, while
stumping for Coakley, conceded that he "didn't know much" about Brown ...
And Obama embarrassed himself by making fun of Brown's truck. Great job there! Thanks for the help in getting Scott Brown elected.
Brown does seem to genuinely love campaigning. When a guy dressed up as Ben Franklin came up to Brown for a photo, Brown gladly posed with him, joking, "Hey, is that your real hair?"
Indeed Brown seems to be a regular guy, not an aloof Demagogue, that is so common in Congress today. I can't imagine him ever saying to his constituents 'Shut up!' as many Dems in Congress have done over questions of the anti-stimulus "Porkulus" Bill or the Government run restrictive Socialized Medicine Bill.
...Coakley has been trying to saddle him with the Bush mantle and lump him
together with nat'l GOPers. But those claims come off as hard to
believe because he's a relative newbie -- how could anyone mistake him
for Bush's "crony"? -- and he's also never served in DC. ...
This is one time the Democrat 'wool' didn't work on the voters.
( ... he's not exactly a RINO, or even the type of fiscally conservative,
socially liberal GOPer MA voters typically elect). In this case, voters
are so dissatisfied, it's mostly about anti-incumbency. ...
I do believe that people don't want to be reduced to a Third Nation status and the resultant loss of our dollar's value by the scams that the Politicians in DC are pulling on us.

Remember this: Most Professional Politicians are mainly interested in two things. (1) Getting elected and (2) Getting re-elected. These two factors are way ahead of whatever is in Third place (possibly the needs of their constituents).

Read the rest of her article here:  NationalJournal.com

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