Monday, March 30, 2009

Forget the AIG Bonuses, etc. - It's All a SMOKESCREEN!

And FORGET all the other crap that the LeftMedia is having us dwell upon.smoke_grenade_purple225px

Please don't close your mind to the real issue.
I've been around the block a few times and in my many years I've probably seen the following tricks used by Greedy Self-serving Politicians at least a hundred times or more, maybe even a 1000 times. It's an old trick; Politicians take the Heat or Attention off of themselves by diverting attention elsewhere.

Billy Boy Clinton was a master of this.
One event that stands out in my mind is the bombing of Libyan Pharmaceutical Factory when the Sexual questions were getting too hot for him.

The REAL ISSUE is that Obama and his Evil Minions do not care about anything but staying in power.

Even if it means destroying the Economy. oops, WAIT, that's the twist, they DO WANT to destroy the Economy!
Why do you think they passed all the Pig-marks loaded so called "stimulus" bill? Why the Budget so loaded with Greasy Pork that it will clog our Economy?

It's their plan.

This is a good article to read to explain my point.

"Creating a national or international crisis is a long standing, time-proven way for a politician or political group to either gain more power or solidify its hold on the power it already has - meantime distracting the attention of “The Great Unwashed” from what it is actually doing. By the time the voters’ attention is once again trained on the politician or political group, these individuals have managed to acquire more power than they had and they will explain that the power grab was necessary to get a handle on the crisis (which did not exist before they created it)."

See the rest of this article: Liberals’ Socialist Strategy: Lurch From One Crisis To Another

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