Thursday, August 05, 2010

Rule One: Do Not Embarrass Crooks or Labor

Andrew BoltBy Andrew Bolt

Four Corners on Monday reported on people smugglers - one of the key issues being debated by the leaders in this campaign. Its report included footage secretly filmed of corrupt Indonesian officials and people smugglers negotiating over bribes, boats and springing detainees from detention.

Outraged, the Sydney Morning Herald declares two new rules for reporters in a campaign in which Labor is fighting for its life:

The Four Corners expose of people smugglers and their networks in Indonesia received rousing cheers on Sydney’s more robust talkback radio stations…

No one wondered why the ABC had entered the election campaign on such a politically sensitive issue. Nor did any think that a section of the journalists’ code of ethics - “Identify yourself and your employer before obtaining any interview for publication or broadcast” - was apparently flouted by the use of hidden cameras in the Four Corners report.

Astonishing. Apparently no news organisation may now report on election issues and crooks should first be asked if they mind being filmed breaking the law.

I wonder if the same rules apply if the ABC filmed something embarrassing to the Liberals?   (AU Liberals = US Republicans  ---ed)

I wonder what the outcome would be in the USA if it related to the Democrat Party? Kidding! It would be the same reaction here as it was in Australia.  ---ed

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