Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dem Candidates Masquerading As Republicans

SCOOTER'S REPORT EXCLUSIVE - Amid a growing number of reports that Democrat candidates are attempting to hide their party affiliation from voters, we contacted the campaign offices of two candidates involved in high profile races to see for ourselves:

Ohio Rep. Steve Driehaus

Driehaus campaign office (DCO): Driehaus for Congress, may I help You?

SR: Hello. Is Rep. Driehaus a Democrat?

DCO: Do you like Democrats?

SR: Of course not, they suck.

DCO: Well then, I can tell you that you'd like Rep. Driehaus, he's very conservative...

SR: Did he vote for healthcare?

DCO: (Hang up)

Virginia Rep. Glenn Nye

Nye campagn office (NCO): It's a Nye day for America, how may I help you?

SR: Hello. I just want to know if Rep. Nye is a Democrat.

NCO: Rep. Nye doesn't believe in labels...

SR: Look sister, is he a Democrat or not?

NCO: Sort of not...

SR: So then he's a Republican?

NCO: I'd say more like a Republicrat...

SR: There is no such thing.

NCO: (Hang up)

While our investigation was inconclusive, the fact most Democrat candidates are campaigning under an altered version of the traditional party symbol may indicate a possible attempt to mask their affiliation. More on this as it develops.

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