Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Harry Reid: “Vote for Me or I’ll Pose Nude”

Scott Brown
Scott Brown

Nevada Senator’s New PR Guru Also Coached Scott Brown, Nixon

Erica Bazoombas(Washington, D.C.) – by Erica Bazoombas - Scott Brown’s meteoric rise to the U.S. Senate came as a surprise to most, but not to Las Vegas image consultant Barb Iturate. Posing nude and driving a pickup truck is the recipe for eminence and fame says the public relations genius who helped launch the political career of Richard Nixon. “A lot of people don’t remember Nixon posing nude, but he did,” Iturate told SPN. “They didn’t call him Tricky Dick because of his politics” she added.

Harry Reid
Reid: “I’ll take it all off, baby.”

55 DodgeNow embattled Senate majority leader Harry Reid has hired Iturate to get him through a very tough election this November in Nevada where he is trailing in every poll and is reportedly desperate to win.

Iturate spoke to SPN this afternoon and said: “If I don’t detect a major change in the polls soon you’ll be seeing Harry’s hairy ass on the pages of your Sports Illustrated and Ladies Home Journal.” The Nevada Democrat said he has already purchased a pickup truck, a 1955 Dodge. “It’s way cool dude,” he said.

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