Monday, September 27, 2010

Neighbor: Christine O'Donnell is a Witch

Erica Bazoombas(DOVER, Del.) – by Erica Bazoombas

Tea Party candidate Christine O’Donnell has thus far weathered charges that she has dabbled in the occult, but a former neighbor says she has evidence proving O’Donnell is in fact a witch.

Mrs. Gladys Kravitz recalled that one Saturday night in 2004 she asked O’Donnell to pick up a bottle of Sambuca at the liquor store, and that the perky, prudish politico made the trip by flying on a broom.


Kravitz produced an old VHS tape that she claims shows the aerial errand, but said she was too drunk at the time to focus the camera properly. “That bitch is a witch,” the disquisitive dipsomaniac said, and then passed out.

O’Donnell campaign spokesman Darrin Stevens told SPN that a personal pleasure device being sold in adult novelty shops as “Christine’s Magic Wand” has nothing to do with the diminuive Delawarian. “It’s just a coincidence,” he said.


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