Thursday, September 16, 2010

The REAL Moderate Islam2 - Video

There really is Moderate Islam. They are the religious Islamics, mostly in the USA, that believe in the separation of mosque and State. Many came here to escape the Political Islam of countries like Syria, etc., where the Government is ruled by the Koran. AIFD is a moderate Islamic organization in the USA.

The groups shown here are Political Islamists that support the Radical Islamists or are part of the Radical Islamist Terrorists! They want to replace our Constitution and Rule of Law with their Koran and their Sharia Religious Law. Everything you do with be judged by their Imans interpretation of the Koran.

They will say anything (in English) to make you believe they are moderate but what they say in Arabic to each other and who they support and are supported by tells a totally different story. CAIR, MAS, Muslim Brotherhood, and even the Soros backed, are Political Islamist Cults/Groups that support Muslim Terrorists. Be AWARE! and BEWARE! ---ed

The REAL Moderate Islam2 - Video

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